4 Things To Take Yachting

Are you hitting the water this weekend? Going to spend all day on the yacht? Don’t forget to take your essential skincare products with you when you go. You might remember your SPF but what about your lips? If you get a little pink you might wish you had taken a sunburn cooler with you. Here is a short list of yachting musts.

1.) SPF – The obvious for boating right? However you don’t have to start with the SPF 30. You may want to start with an accelerator so you can get a little tan time in before you block the rays completely. Also if you are going to be swimming, get a waterproof sunscreen.

2.) Lip Balm – Not just your favorite flavored lip balm. Be sure to grab a good SPF lip balm with some healing ingredients. Lips need love too! If you will be on the boat all day, get a good quality lip balm and keep it handy.

3.) Tattoo Care – If you have tattoos or other exposed, sensitive areas, you may want to use a spf tattoo balm such as Tattoo Goo to guard against fading. You don’t want your yachting lifestyle to wreck your ink.

4.) Sunburn Cooler – Please don’t burn! But if you accidentally overexpose you can sooth your skin with a sunburn cooler gel that contains something for the pain and itchiness. Once you dock, you will be glad you have it. Body Drench Sunburn Cooler is a great addition to any checklist.

Remember to keep your kit handy but in a safe place. You don’t want to lose your lotion overboard while sunbathing on the starboard bow.  Happy Yachting!

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