5 Great Moisturizer Picks

Naturally everyone has different tastes and different skin but there are some moisturizers that most people agree on. Based on reviews and sales over the last few years we have put together our top 5 moisturizers list in order. Please let us know in the comments if you agree or have one of your own to add.

1.) Hemperor Natureshea Moisturizer combines the natural healing and smoothing of Shea Butter with the skin enriching properties of Hemp Seed Oil in one wonderful daily moisturizer blended in perfect ratios for maximum skin health and nutrient distribution. Fresh Tropical Fragrance.

2.) Amir Argan Oil Moisturizer All day moisturizing lotion is infused with natural Argan Oil and Acai Berry to revive and combat the signs of aging with essential fatty acids. Amir Argan Oil Moisturizer moisturizes, conditions and repairs as it hydrates, helping to reduce small wrinkles, inflammation, and skin irritations. Protect your body from free radicals and other environmental stresses.

Hemperor Moisturizer
Hemperor Natureshea

3.) Body Drench Original Moisturizer since way back in the 1980s Body Drench as been creating and releasing top notch moisturizers and every year comes a new batch with the latest ingredients however don’t forget to check out the Original. Sometimes the Original is hard to beat and this one is truly that.

4.) Hemperor Pomeshea Moisturizer is a twist on the Naturshea. It still has the wonderful properties of Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil but now with anti-oxidant age fighter Pomegranate extract. It also smells heavenly with a light Pomegranate fragrance.

5.) Amir Essentials Daily Moisturizer gets a big A+ for it’s huge combination of skin care ingredients from around the world. The list is too big for this post but it contains a cornucopia of rich skin care ingredients such as Coconut, Macadamia and many more. It also feels wonderful on your skin.