5 Killer Bronzers!

Out with the old, in with the new! Or out with the pale and in with the golden bronze bods. Each year the top brands try to out do each other and themselves. The latest batch of rich, dark tanning bronzers from top trendsetters will not disappoint even the most demanding dark tanner. Here is 5 of our favorites so far.

#5 ) Tan Asz U Aloha Black 200x Bronzer – The black-sand beaches of Hawaii are never far away- say “aloha” to a vacation in a bottle. This advanced 200X black bronzer utilizes EverBlack™ Fade Defying Technology. Check it out here.

#4) Most Black Thunder 100x Bronzer – Most is back and better than ever with this wild eyed dark tanning bronzer with a go crazy name that invokes fun while also providing a great dark tan with the excellent skin care that we look for.

#3) Ultra Dark Black Ultimatum 296x Bronzer – This insanely dark bronzer won’t give up the number 3 spot easily because it consistently gives you a rich, dark, nourishing tan as well as a plethora of skincare ingredients. Yes I said it, it’s the Ultimate! Here is one place to get it.

#2) Tan Inc Chroma 200x Bronzer – We are jazzed about this ultra advanced 200x black bronzer. An exquisite development in the pursuit of perfect color. Intensely developed and lovingly crafted, Chroma utilizes an optimum blend of cosmetic and performance DHA bronzing for instant color that crescendos into a stunning, deep bronze. We found a great price here.

Breaking Black 546xxx Tanning Bronzer#1) Breaking Black 596xxx Tanning Bronzer – Breaking Black is still breaking plateaus and paleness with one big bronzer. This handcrafted masterpiece was formulated by the master himself. It’s certainly pure tanning bronzer at it’s finest. Much like the name implies, the quality color and skincare you receive make it well worth the price if you are a serious tanner in 2015. Grab a great deal on it here.

This is our Top 5 tanning bronzers so far, please let us know below what your favorites are!