5 Lotion Sites To Visit

Where are the coolest lotion websites? The most informative? The most interactive? We have compiled a short list for you to check out:

1,) Jergens – Jergens has been a leader in retail lotion for many years. On their site you can study their various products and ingredients and take advantage of several promotions. Stay up to date with their newsletter and blog.

2.) Vaseline – Vaseline has a wide variety of over the counter lotions, lip balms and of course intensive gel. You might be surprised at just how many great products they offer these days. They even have a game you can play.

3.) Coppertone – Coppertone has been a leader in sunscreen products for decades. Their website is a wealth of information for taking care of your skin and covers sunscreen for all ages including children. Now you can learn the science, stay up to date and even plan your summer.

4.) Hawaiian Tropic – Hawaiian Tropic is a great place to learn how to stay beautiful while playing in the sun. You need to know how to take care of your skin after you come out of the sun also. They also have a full line of accelerators  and even sunless products.

5.) Sun Sauce – Sun Sauce is a tanning and sunless lotion company that is mainly sold in beauty and tanning salons but you can also order it online. They sponsor some major events such as Ms Fitness and Ms Earth. On their site you can read up about their various products and read reviews. We found them on You Tube!