5 Most Popular Tanning Stickers

Tanning Stickers are a great way to measure your tanning progress. In fact it’s hard to see how dark you are truly getting just  by looking in the mirror so a tanning sticker, placed in the same spot each time you tan, will help you realize just how dark you are. Here are the top 5 most popular tanning stickers for 2013!

1) Peace Sign Tanning Stickers

2) Bunny with Tie Tanning Stickers

3) Triple Heart Tanning Stickers

4) Pink Ribbon Tanning Stickers

5) Lightning Bolt Tanning Stickers

Peace Sign Tanning Stickers

Next time you go tanning, on the beach, in a bed or even spray booth, be sure to grab a 100 pack of tanning stickers and start placing them in the same place each time.

You will be surprised at just how dark you really are!

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