6 Must Try Tanning Lotions

Tanning season is quickly approaching. That only matters to you if you like to tan in the spring as most people seem to do. That is the reason you see the hot new lotions hit the shelves around this time every year.

Wondering which ones you should try and which ones to leave on the shelf? You have come to the right place. Here is a list of 6 must haves.

#5 ) Most Black Thunder 100x Bronzer – The latest from Most Tanning Products will rain down Dark Bronze Color all over you while silicones shower the skin in Anti-Aging and wrinkle reduction to leave a youthful appearance in its path. Ink Armor provides protection for your tattoos to keep them colorful and vivid.

#4 ) Tan Asz U Aloha Black 200x Bronzer – This advanced 200x black bronzer utilizes EverBlack™ Fade Defying Technology for the deepest island glow that lasts & lasts. This remarkable color radiates from your beach body, thanks to Monoi & Coconut Body Butters designed to expertly condition & hydrate skin. Also includes intense skin-firming & toning to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.Tan Inc Chroma Tanning Bronzer

#3 ) Tan Inc Chroma Advanced 200x Bronzer – This ultra advanced black bronzer is an exquisite development in the pursuit of perfect color. Intensely developed and lovingly crafted, Chroma utilizes an optimum blend of cosmetic and performance DHA bronzing for instant color that crescendos into a stunning, deep bronze.

#2 ) Ultimate Black Coconut 50x Bronzer – Coconut is in demand because people are seeing results in a big way. Rich Coconut Oil helps to retain the skins moisture while giving even tone and softening skin for a silky feel. Natural and DHA Bronzers provide Instant Bronze Color and dark, delayed results. Cocoa Butter for Anti Aging and Fine Line reducer for Youthful Appearance. Unipertan Accelerates natural skin tanning boosting Melanin Production. Orange and Mango Extract Antioxidants delay skin aging and reduce blemishes. Check it out here.

#1 ) Breaking Black CRYSTAL BLACK 656xxx Bronzer – By far the most pure tanning formula you have ever tried. Created in Hoss’ Underground Lab, not by the apprentice but by the master himself, and designed to give you the ultimate skin nourishing experience through perfectly formulated botanicals and exotic nutrients.

If you want maximum skin care and a rich dark tan, or even a moderate tan to look and feel great, these lotions should be in your wheelhouse. You can check them and others out here at great prices and let us know what your favorites are below!