Choosing The Right Moisturizer

All skin is not created equal, and therefore should be treated according each person’s different needs. Choosing the right lotion for you means taking into account the conditions that affect your skin. Moisturizing lotions are intended to help keep your skin supple, help heal dry and flaky skin, and to add shine and softness to its appearance.

When choosing a moisturizer, consider the climate in which you live, the current season, and even the water you use. Residents in warmer states might need lotions that are lighter in weight and include sunscreen. Colder state residents may need heavier lotions that include a heavier base to help protect from wind and snow. Humid climates are ideal for lotions that include natural humectants.

Hemperor Moisturizer

Just as climate plays a big part on your skin, so does water. Water softeners and water filters help remove minerals and deposits your tap water may contain, but if those aren’t found in your home, be certain to use a lotion that has long lasting wear and apply to damp skin for

better absorption. Unless you use a water softener or your showerhead has a water filter, chances are mineral deposits are aiding in drying out your skin.

Whether you prefer body oils, body butters, or lotions, your skincare lotion should help your skin retain moisture, keep your skin soft, and prevent cracks. Choosing the lotion is a matter of preference yes; scent, price, feel, etc., but choosing the right lotion for you is a matter of necessity also. Listen to your skin and choose accordingly.