Best Tanning Lotions 2012

Here is a great list of some of the best tanning lotions for 2012 based on sales and reviews. Starting with number 10 and proceeding to the number one selling tanning lotion for 2012.


American Princess 99x Elite Bronzers give you a level of darkness beyond imagination! Sacred Lotus & Butterbur Extracts Condition Skin’s Youthful Vibrance while BioWave Vivid Glow Technology Provides Radiant Softness & Tone.

Hemperor Private Reserve Black Maxxx Bronzers takes rich dark bronzing to a new level. These 99x Maxx bronzers and highest level premium skin care plus dark tan maximizers combined with even more advanced levels of Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter and natural oils give you the richest dark bronze tan body fit for a true monarch. There simply is no equal.

Most Catagory 5 200x Bronzer. Escalate to the most intense 200x bronze color imaginable. Ultra Dark Stain-free bronzers blow away your pale skin, leaving behind a path of golden, bronze perfection. Most products have a reputation for dark bronzers, now setting a new record with 200x bronzers.

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