Choosing a Good Bronzer

Tanning bronzers come in many varieties. Each has its own unique blends of and intensity of bronzers, some contain DHA sunless, skin care ingredients, even fragrances vary wildly. When choosing a good bronzer, here are a few things to consider.


It may not be the first thing you think of but what is the first thing you do when you pick up a lotion off the shelf? You look at it and smell it. Pick a lotion with a lightweight but pleasant fragrance. A good product will dissipate shortly after use so you don’t smell like tanning lotion all day.


You don’t want a heavy lotion that sits on your skin and makes you uncomfortable. Then again you don’t want a thin lotion that vanishes or leaves your skin dry. Find the right consistency for you and your skin type. This may take a little testing. If they offer a sample, you can rub a little on your arm before you purchase a bottle.

Bronzer & DHA

Do you want to be dark tomorrow or would you rather tan gradually over time? Most bronzers wash off whereas DHA sunless stays on for days. Find the right mix of instant and lasting color for you. If you would prefer to increase your color slowly, look for a gradual self tanner with a hint of bronzer. If you want to be dark tomorrow, look for an instant bronzer sunless. If you just want to be bronze for a few hours while out on the town or at an event, get a bronzer spray with no sunless.

Moisturizer Touch Of Sunless Sun Sauce

Don’t Forget

A couple of things to remember when using bronzer lotions. Try to apply your lotion evenly and lightly. Go over the same area a few times but wash your hands after each application. If you are using a spray you can rub it in and smooth it out but again wash your hands. Moisturize before application to eliminate dry areas that can collect the sunless unevenly, especially elbows and knuckles.

Have fun with your bronzers. You will look and feel great and your skin will love you.

Let us know what lotions you recommend below!