The Latest Dark Tanning Bronzers

This time of year everyone who wants a tan bod is looking for a great dark tanning bronzer to use in the sun or bed. There are many to choose from but there are a few brands that stand out above the rest, especially in the e-tail market.

Ultra Dark Black Intense 144xxx Bronzer – A rich dark tanning bronzer that has been getting nice reviews and is a top seller this year. Created by Hoss Sauce, a long time manufacturer with a reputation for quality. They have been known in the past for their HOT tingle tanning lotions. Now they are rocking the bronzer world.

Tan Asz U Midnight Black 100x Bronzer – It’s always darkest after Midnight! Tan Asz U is an offshoot of the very popular Brown Sugar line. A 100x Tanning Bronzer that is a whole new level of dark. This breakout hit has put Tan Asz U on the map for dark bronzers. Every year Brown Sugar and Tan Asz U step up their game and they are a top notch tanning lotion company.

Most 50 Shades Of Darkness 50x Bronzer – Playing on the popular book series, 50 Shades Of Darkness is sure to be a big hit from Most, Inc this year. Most has been around in one form or another since 1979 so they know a little bit about dark tanning. After the monster success of Category 5 Tanning Bronzer last year, 50 Shades is a shoe in.

There are many to choose from but these 3 will not disappoint. The only question now is, how dark do you want to be? Start at the top and blast past your tanning plateau in no time. This is the year to rise!

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