Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil has been called by some the perfect ingredient on Earth. It has the perfect balance of omega fatty acids, which are fundamental in restoring and maintaining immune function. There isn’t another plant that has the concentration of these natural fatty acids, yet many people tend to shy away from its use. Why? Because there is the perception that hemp contains THC, which is why people utilize marijuana. It does not. That means it is safe to use, especially as a moisturizer. In fact, a hemp moisturizer might be the best moisturizer you’ve ever had.

It’s All About the Lipids

What makes a hemp moisturizer better is that it contains lipids that are extremely similar to human lipids. That makes it a much more efficient product because hemp seed oil is more capable of penetrating human cells and lubricating the surfaces between them. This creates skin that is very soft and pliable throughout the day. Rich in B, C, and E vitamins, it does not take long for a hemp moisturizer to heal dry, flaky skin so that users experience less itchiness and an overall improvement in epidermal discomfort.

Hemp Seed Oil Heals

Instead of clogging the pores, like some lower quality moisturizers can do, a hemp moisturizer thoroughly cleans out the skins pores of dirt, infectious materials, and other potential contaminants. This helps to even out your skin tone, help heal blotches, and even keep acne at bay. Because hemp seed oil contains the omega fatty acids without the use of any seafood products, you don’t have to worry that you’re plugging your pores and skin cells with mercury or other potential toxins. Most promising for a hemp moisturizer, however, is the potential treatment of eczema, as clinical research has shown that regular use of hemp seed oil in moisturizer form can help relieve and start to heal a symptomatic outbreak.

A Hemp Moisturizer… For Your Nails?

Your skin cells, hair cells, and nail cells are all created from the same kind of dermal cells, which means the penetrating power of a hemp moisturizer can help to strengthen your nails and give you filler hair as well. Though probably not best used as a shampoo, a quick application of hemp seed oil on your fingernails can help strengthen brittle nails, preventing breakage and potential infections in the process.  With a product so versatile, it is difficult to find excuses not to have it in your home. Why not pick up your own hemp moisturizer today and see for yourself what a difference it can make on your dry skin