Winter Dry Skin? Look For These Ingredients!

In order to find the right lotion for your winter dry skin,  take a look at the ingredients list. Winter makes different demands on your skin and you may have to make adjustments.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is a wonderful, natural alternative to mineral oil. Mineral oil is synthetic and does not penetrate well through the surface of the skin. It causes a greasy, heavy feeling. It does help hold in moisture that is already there but we need to go deeper.

Grape seed oil also holds in the moisture yet it does not cause the same greasiness as it penetrates. It has a unique invisible filming ability. Another huge advantage over mineral oil is the fatty acids it contains. We know that fatty acid composition is similar to that of the skin’s natural oils and therefore essential in a lotion to accomplish lasting moisturization.

Grape seed oil is a natural anti-oxidant that contains vitamin E. Vitamin E helps heal dryness and restore the skin’s antioxidant content, which is important for reducing the effects of skin-aging free radicals.

Active Manuka Honey

A less well known ingredient to look for is active manuka honey. Excessive dryness increases the risk of certain infections. Active manuka honey has natural anti-germ activity. Yet, it is biodegradable. So, it poses no risk to the environment.

Active manuka honey is another antioxidant. The more antioxidants the better, after all we moisturize for the skin’s health and beauty. The more antioxidants there are in a cream the more age-defying radiant glow.

Bio-Active Keratin

You want to take moisture deep into the skin’s layers. Bio-active keratin is a protein that is similar to the outer layers so it absorbs deep into the skin’s inner layers. This is ideal to moisturize deep into the skin while also holding in the moisture. Bio-Active” means that your body can use it. Try to avoid other types of keratin are extracted from animal claws, horns or hooves. High temperatures and chemical solvents are used to extract the protein.

Other ingredients to look for are Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter for a nutrient rich moisturization experience. Check our ingredients section to read more about each of these.

Where you get your lotions can be a major help as well. Some of the brands a major retailers have to keep costs down by using less of these ingredients or none at all. You may want to shop online for a site that carries a variety of quality lotions that you can read about.

Please let us know below your favorite winter moisturizers and how they have helped you in your daily routine!