Measuring Your Tanning Progress…

If you tan you know that it’s a gradual process. When you look in the mirror each day you probably don’t realize your progress and it can be frustrating. People may tell you that you look darker and you might not see it yourself. This is natural because gradual changes are harder to notice in the mirror.

Tanning Stickers small stickers that stick about as well as a post-it note but when you apply the same kind of sticker to the same spot each time you tan, you will leave that “tantoo” behind and can easily compare your progress with your normal untanned skin tone. If you are a sunless tanner you can use them when you spray also.

Tanning StickersThese designs show up brilliantly under black light at night clubs. Just imagine a glowing “sexy” or peace sign on your shoulder or hip.

They come in many different shapes from hearts to peace signs, bunnies and even words like “hot” and many salons give them away. You can also order them online and keep your own stash. A pack of 100 is generally about $4.00 so they are very inexpensive compared to the agony of feeling like you are tanning with no results.

Here is a great collection of tanning stickers. Let us know below which ones you use and how they have helped!