Shea Butter, It’s In There…

Why Shea Butter?

Shea butter has been hailed as one of the most effective and nourishing ingredients in skin care products because of its multipurpose capabilities. Whether you suffer from dry skin, wind or sun burn, chapped lips, stretch marks or even scars, shea butter is known to deeply condition the skin for immediate hydration. Having shea butter in your body lotion will instantly replace dry skin with long lasting moisture and since it is loaded with tonnes of nutrients and vitamins, Shea Butter is also known to provide unique healing relief for common skin conditions such as eczema, insect bites, itching and skin allergies. Since it is derived naturally from the karite tree, shea butter is wonderfully safe enough for even infants to use; in fact, in many countries like Ghana, mothers would use shea butter to protect their new born children from the dangerous effects of the sun.

Where To LookHemperor Moisturizer

Lotions that prominently feature Shea Butter such as Hemperor NatureShea, an herbal moisturizer that provides superior skin rehydration through the latest innovations in natural science. According to Hemperor, it goes several steps beyond every other herbal moisturizers by infusing Hemp Seed Oil with maximum levels of natural Shea Butter and exotic and healing oils such as Monoi, Sweet Almond and Jojoba. Hemperor has several different lotions that are all Shea Butter based.

There are other brands on the market as well. Read the label carefully. Make sure it is a main feature and not just a small add-in ingredient.

Let us know below which Shea Butter lotions you use!