Skincare Tips For Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time for showing off radiant and beautiful skin. Hence, it is also the season when your skin gets the most exposure to the outside environment especially the sun. Thus, it is totally essential to take on the right practices for skin care to keep your skin healthy even in the blazing summer days.

The summer season is one of biggest issue for those with oily skin. Excessive oil secretion combined with sweat is very prominent in the summer months. With improper skin care, this could result to lifelessness and dullness. So, these top tips for skin care will surely help you.

Sustain Proper Hydration Levels

Being exposed to high or hot temperatures can lead to dehydration or water loss through sweating. So, as a vital part of skin care, it is highly recommended to consume plenty of fluids and water. It is not only for your skin, but for the health of your entire body as well. Keeping up with proper hydration levels will result to moisturized and soft skin.

Adequate Sun Protection

Direct sunlight can be adverse effects on your skin most particularly during noon. The sun can be most damaging from 11am-3pm so make sure you have ample protection from the sun. As much as possible, it is advised to remain indoors during such time. However, you should always make use of the right sunscreen lotion. Ideally, the one you should buy must have enough sun screen protection or SPF since this is an essential part of proper skin care. Most sunscreens these days have 30-40 SFP and these will actually do well in protecting your skin. But then, it is a lot better if you can get hold of higher SFP sunscreens.

Summer Skincare

In terms of application, the sunscreen should be placed at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Also, in case you will be spending more hours under the sun, the sunscreen lotion should be applied again in the same manner.

Proper Cleansing and Exfoliation

As already mentioned, pollutants and dirt build up is highly evident during the summer months due to excessive sweating and oil secretion. Thus, cleansing should be a part of your skin care despite of limited sun exposure. It should be included in your regular habit for best results. Ideally, it should be conducted in the morning and before sleeping.

Exfoliation is equally important especially in the summer months. Removing dead skin through exfoliation is a great practice. It enhances the skin circulation and other benefits. This should not be a hard task since there are a lot of highly reliable exfoliating agents that are available in the market. Also, you can make your natural exfoliating agents by using yogurt, rose water and other agents.

Along with all these, you should also invest time in toning and moisturizing the skin. Go for moisturizers that are water based as there are perfect alternatives. With all these, along with regular exercise, balanced diet and good sleeping habits, your skin can look fabulous not only in summer, but all year round.