Snooki Brings The Heat To Tanning!

Snooki has released her much anticipated line of tanning lotions for the 2012 season. Everyone knows that Snooki has a fabulous tan, she even brought national awareness to the federal tan tax placed on tanning salons by the health care act. Snooki knows tanning and now she is on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to have a fabulous bronze glow Jersey Shore style.

Snooki’s first releases come in 3 versions; A tanning maximizer for those who like straight tanning lotion. Advanced acceleration and amazing skin care ingredients promise to boost your tan and make your skin look and feel sexy and healthy. Snooki’s Black Bronzer provides all of the skin care and acceleration but with the added rich dark instant bronzers as well as DHA bronzers that will darken over time. Lastly Snooki brings the heat with Snooki Hot Bronzer which contains everything the Black Bronzer offers but with the added skin stimulation that boosts blood flow and increases your tan even faster for serious tanners!

Are you ready to have a Jersey Shore dark Snooki Tan? How dark do you want to be?