Summer Skincare

When you think of dry skin you might associate it with the winter season. The dry spell leaves the skin looking and feeling dry and irritated so you put on moisturizers in order to get it back to smooth and vibrant.

The winter specific moisturizers are usually heavier and designed is to coat the skin and retain moisture. However, in summer, people might abstain from moisturizing for a few reasons. One being the warmer weather might make you think a lotion is going to feel heavy and thick on your skin. This might be the case with oils that aren’t close to your skin’s natural oils but with oils like Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil this won’t happen.

Skin needs to be saved and protected from the harsh weather and environment no matter what weather it is and which climate conditions persist. That is why we have moisturizers available in the market that are specifically designed to be used in the summer season. They are less thick solutions and they usually come in the form of lotions, gels and bases which are easily absorbed and leave no residue on the skin. These moisturizers are also combined with shower gels in some cases so that one does not have to go through the hassle of putting them on after taking bath.

The major ingredients of these moisturizers include light elements like aloe. These elements not only retain the water in skin but also give a cool and refreshing touch to the skin. Some of these moisturizers come with added protection against UV and harmful conditions of the environment in summer.Best Tanning Lotion

So, it can be easily depicted that moisturizing in summer cannot be neglected complaining about the heat. Skin care is should be equally up to the mark three hundred and sixty five days a year. There is no excuse for not looking after the skin even in summer because the market is loaded with moisturizers which are perfectly suitable to work in the scorching heat without imparting undesirable effect like suffocation, oiliness and others of the same sort.

What is your summer skincare regiment? Let us know below!