Tan Enhancer Pills: Fact Or Fiction

Many things come to mind when one thinks of “tanning pills’ because there was a time when pills that turned your skin colors were sold to consumers as an alternative to tanning. Today there are some examples of sunless tanning pills on the market. These products might needlessly turn people off from the Tan Enhancer Pills commonly sold in tanning salon and on tanning websites which are nothing of the sort.

What Are Tan Enhancer Pills?

Tan Enhancer pills are typically made up entirely of L-Tyrosine which is an amino acid that is known to increase melanin production in the skin. L-Tyrosine is has other benefits as well and is found in memory supplements and products. Some Tan Enhancer brands offer extras in their pills like Vitamin C & E or even copper but theses are all supplements that you can find in any vitamin store. They will not change your skin color or dye your skin. Tan Enhancer pills have to be taken in conjunction with UV tanning to help your tanning progress.

Tan Enhancer Pills

What To Look For

Our favorite is the straight 500 mg L-Tyrosine Tan Enhancer pills without the extras. You can purchase L-Tyrosine tablets at a vitamin store but the prices are much better at tanning salons or online.

Suggested Use

Follow the directions on the label. Typically you would take 2 or 3 a day for the first week and then 1 a day after that.

Everyone is different and tans vary however Tan Enhancer Pills can help you noticeably boost your tan. As part of your tanning regimen we also recommend using a moisturizer for tanners once or twice a day, and a good tanning lotion whenever you tan.