Tanning Bed Lotions – Which Type Do You Choose?

By Steve Lott

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different tanning bed lotions on the market today. All indoor tanning lotions are formulated for indoor use only in a tanning bed, at home or in a salon. The people who have been tanning for years know all about the wide variety of lotions available but those that are new to the concept of indoor tanning are baffled by the sheer number of lotions they have to choose from.

There are three main types of tanning bed lotions: regular lotions, bronzers and tingle lotions. There are many other types of lotions as well but almost all will fall into one of these three categories. All three types have slightly different functions and give the lotion user a different feeling and look during and after tanning.

Regular or standard lotions are the most common and are usually the cheapest, but that doesn’t mean all regular lotions stink. In fact, some of the most highly regarded lotions fall into the regular category. A lotion is considered regular or standard when it does not contain any extra bronzing or tingle ingredients in its formula. They can contain a variety of other ingredients for skin moisturization and protection, including anti-aging qualities. When you use regular tanning bed lotions you apply it right before you get in the tanning bed and you can take a shower to rinse It off as soon as your session is over. All of the work the lotion needs to do is done while you’re tanning.

Hemperor Private Reserve BronzerBronzers, or bronzing tanning bed lotions, contain extra special ingredients that are there to give your skin an extra deep, dark tone. Bronzer lotions are very popular now and manufacturers are improving the formulas of their bronzers rapidly to accommodate for the rising demand. Many people find that using a tanning bronzer gives a darker tan in less time. However, these types of lotions work differently than standard lotions and you must make sure you use them properly to achieve the desired effect. When using bronzers you apply them right before you start your tanning session but you should not wash it off for at least 2-4 hours after tanning, sometimes even 8 hours. This is because the ingredients in the bronzer lotions are still hard at work long after your session is over, and that is why you end up with a darker tan than a standard lotion. Some people do not like bronzers because it can leave sticky residue on your skin and sometimes can color parts of your hands orange if you forget to thoroughly wash it off.

Tingle lotions are just like standard lotions but they contain some extra ingredients that leave your skin feeling tingly during and after a tanning session. In most cases the tingle effect is there solely to remind the tanner that the lotion is working, but in some cases tingle lotions actually contain ingredients in their formulas that give you a darker tan. Some people do not like tingle lotions because they say the tingly feeling is uncomfortable and can sometimes last long after your tanning session is over.

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