Tanning Lotions For Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning lotions are different than outdoor tanning lotions in several ways and indoor tanners want a lotion that will give them maximum color during their tanning session. There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect tanning lotion.

A.) Beginning Tanners – If you are just starting out, you want to find a lotion that is designed for beginners. These will have a lot moisturizer and a balanced level of accelerator and skin care ingredients. A basic accelerator is a good choice for beginners.

B.) Intermediate Tanners – This is a term that simply means “just past your first plateau.” Tanners often find that they level out at a certain point so there are steps you can take to blast past the dreaded plateau such as using a stronger lotion or even a tingle lotion, using tan enhancer pills and rotating to different or stronger tanning beds.

C.) Advanced Tanners – The serious tanners who have a great base tan and wish to either maintain it or get even darker. This level of tanner needs a very strong tanning lotion and depending on your personal preferences a strong tingle and/or bronzer.

For more information on tanning check out Tanning Truth. What stage of tanning are you at? Let us know below!