The Hemperor’s New Clothes

We have long been fans of Hemperor moisturizers, the hemp seed oil based moisturizer that I use every morning. I love the feel and the fragrance and the way my skin feels moisturized but not oily and doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Recently I’ve tried their latest release “Tropical Summer Fragrance” which states that it’s the same great lotion with a fresh summer fragrance. Yes it does have a fresh new fragrance which is wonderful but I was also surprised that the lotion feels even smoother somehow than the original.

Hemperor Tropical Summer

When you first apply it you immediately notice the new fragrance. Then as you apply it you can feel the difference. Not to say that the original isn’t great, the best, I love the feel of it but this one has something a little extra.

If you are picky about your moisturizer, and we all are, then you don’t settle for anything less than the best. The best for you that is and we all have different skin. I don’t know what the difference is exactly with this new lotion but I am hooked.

If you have tried this lotion please let us know your thoughts below!