The Importance Of Using Lotion

By Ricky Guevara

I have, for the past few years, started to read, look up and educate about all the ingredients in the body and facial Moisturizers I use, also in the Indoor Tanning Lotions I use. Tanning DOES dry out the skin and using tanning lotions, especially in a tanning bed is an investment in a persons tan, not only for their tan, but for their skin, Dry skin DEFLECTS up to 40% of the UV Rays a tanning bed emits, so if a person does not use an Indoor Tanning Lotion, they are wasting their time and money, not to mention damaging their skin by not using an Indoor Tanning Lotion because not only do almost ALL Indoor Tanning Lotions contain an ” accelerating ” ingredient to help you obtain your tan faster, deeper and darker, they also have very good moisturizers in them.

The BEST way to keep a persons skin moisturized and healthy is to moisturize after they bathe / shower. After your bath / shower while the skin is just a little bit damp, apply the moisturizer and the moisturizing ingredients along with that little bit of “dampness ” from the bath / shower, will ALL be absorbed by the skin and POOF, before you know it, you have moisturized your skin. The same thing for the face, go about your normal routine, for women, it’s mostly applying your eye cream, then a ” treatment” or just then apply your moisturizer and it will also get absorbed by your facial skin. I, myself use the same moisturizer for my body and for my face, but many ” After Sun ” moisturizer are VERY heavily loaded with moisturizing ingredients, but alls if they are over the counter and are from Tanning Oil – Lotion companies like Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic, they have Mineral Oil in them.

Most 50 Shades Of Darkness

The best place to purchase your moisturizer and your Indoor Tanning Lotions is from your Tanning Salon. Many people think ” Why should I spend $50.00 on an Indoor Tanning lotion when I can just use my St. Ives moisturizer? ” Well for one, St Ives has mineral oil in it, #2, Indoor Tanning Lotions like I mentioned before have an ” accelerating Ingredient” in them to help you get a faster, deeper, darker tan plus they also have great moisturizers in them. Tanning Salons also sell ” After tan ” moisturizers, usually from the same company that they have Indoor Tanning Lotions from, and they and along with the moisturizing ingredients it will ALL get absorbed by the skin. After a person’s bath or shower, when you towel off, try to keep your skin just a little damp and then apply your body moisturizer. The moisturizer will “trap” that little bit of moisture while the skin is still a little damp, and the skin will absorb it that little bit of ” dampness” from the bath / shower along with the moisturizing ingredients from the moisturizer, and the same with Facial Moisturizers. Keeping the skin moisturized is the BEST thing to do for the skin especially if a person tans indoors in a tanning bed or booth, and for a person that lays in the sun, no matter if they are wearing a tanning lotion or oil, with or withut sunscreen, they are moisturizing their skin but not enough, it’s the moisturizer applied after bathing that will really help keep the skin moisturized, conditioned and healthy and THAT is why I look at the ingredients in Indoor Tanning Lotions, Body and Facial Moisturizers.

One of MY biggest things that really get t me is seeing products with ” MINERAL OIL ” !!! If a person can avoid it, do NOT purchase any moisturizers, body or facial, that has Mineral Oil in it…it is just not a good thing for the skin. I read this article about Mineral Oil and after I had finished reading it, I literally went and threw away close to $300.00 worth of body and facial moisturizers, facial masks, deep moisturizing lotions and I stopped purchasing my moisturizers from over the counter stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens etc…I am sure they have a few moisturizers, body and facial that do not have Mineral oil in them, but I basically purchase my Indoor Tanning Lotions and After Tan Moisturizers from here, Lotion Source and also from my tanning salon.

Many people sit there and think ” Why should I pay $50.00 for an Indoor Tanning Lotion when I can just buy Hawaiian Tropic’s Indoor Tanning Lotion from Wal-mart for $11.99…??? First off, that product line’s main focus for many, many years has been for lotions and oils for outdoor tanning…their lotion for indoor tanning just does not have the main ingredients an Indoor Tanning Lotion should have, and I’m sure you would want not only a lotion that is good, or even the best, you would want a lotion that would work utilizing the proper Indooor Tanning Lotion ingredients.

Ricky Guevara