Top 5 Tanning Bronzers

Every year they get stronger and better and darker. The latest dark tanning bronzers from the top tanning lotion companies. If you are like me you are always excited to try a new lotion and start to get a tan for the new year. This year is no exception with the latest dark tanning bronzers. Here is 5 of our favorites so far.

#5 ) Beach Kings 100x Bronzer – This 100x Black Bronzer for men utilizes ultra-dark tanning ingredients for the optimum shade of bronze and designed just for men. It’s dark and cool and smells good.

Most Buckwild Tanning Lotion#4) Most Buckwild 100x Bronzer – Most is back and better than ever with this wild eyed dark tanning bronzer with a go crazy name that invokes fun while also providing a great dark tan with the excellent skin care that we look for.

#3) Ultra Dark Black Ultimatum 296x Bronzer – This insanely dark bronzer will take you to bronze paradise by giving you a rich, dark, nourishing tan as well as a plethora of skincare ingredients. Yes I said it, it’s the Ultimate!

#2) Brown Sugar Black Chocolate 200x Bronzer – You might get hungry saying this name but it’s your skin that will turn chocolate brown with this, the latest from Brown Sugar and will probably be their biggest seller for 2014. I love this new lotion and the price is nice too.

Breaking Black 546xxx Tanning Bronzer#1) Breaking Black 596xxx Tanning Bronzer – Wow that’s a big bronzer but what would you expect from the labs of Hoss? Sorry, The Underground Labs of Hoss and this masterpiece was formulated by the master himself. It’s certainly pure tanning bronzer at it’s finest. Much like the name implies, the quality color and skincare you receive make it well worth the price if you are a serious tanner.

This is our Top 5 tanning bronzers so far, You can find some of them here, please let us know below what your favorites are!

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