Top 5 Ultimate Tanning Lotions

Ultimate tanning lotions have always had a reputation for high quality and sometimes very high end products found in tanning salons. We have compiled a list of the top 5 products from their vast line of lotions.

5.)  CARBON –  A collagen based Extreme Accelerator  that has their Biotanning, Tyrosine Complex plus Copper, Unipertan and Carrot Seed Oil. That’s a powerhouse tanning formula that is non-tingle and non-bronzer, just a great accelerator and skin care lotion.

4.)  INFERNO – A very strong tingle lotion that you have to try to truly understand the name.  If you are a tanners who loves a scorching hot tingle experience and a good skin care product, this is definitely one you want to try.

3.)  ULTIMATE BLACK – If bronzers are your thing, this 100x tanning bronzer is just right. A special formulated combination of Natural and DHA Bronzers for instant color and a tan that lasts for days, while maximum silicones along with Argan and Olive Oil nourish your skin.

2.)  DRIVEN TO DARKNESS – A mysterious product that captivates the imagination when you pick up the bottle. Amazingly rich, mysteriously dark. Enriched with Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil to hug your curves on a path to the best moisturization and skin hydration for a healthy, toned finish. Not to mention it has a luscious blackberry vanilla fragrance.

Ultimate Bronzing Bourbon 151 Tanning Lotion1.)  BRONZE BOURBON 151 – Truly intoxicating, both when you use it and how good you look afterward. Special Reserve 151 Proof Black Bronzing Mash. Like a good Bourbon that gets better with age, this tanning bronzer will help your natural color deepen and darken over time. Complemented by a smooth blend of firming and anti-aging ingredients to create a healthy, youthful, rich dark tan.

Any one of these will do a great job for you as you tan. There is something for everyone whether you like a rich dark bronzer or a straight maximizer or some combination thereof. One thing is for sure, Ultimate will continue to surprise us with new and better releases each year. I can’t wait to see what’s new for 2014.

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Please tell us about your experiece with Ultimate Tanning Lotions and which is your favorite!