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Top 5 Tanning Bronzers

Top 5 Tanning Bronzers

Every year they get stronger and better and darker. The latest dark tanning bronzers from the top tanning lotion companies. If you …

Christmas Presents

Top 5 Christmas Gifts

We have compiled a collection of really cool Christmas gifts this year and had them voted on by readers. Shopping online is …

2014 Tanning Lotions

New Tanning Lotions For 2014

By this time of year, next years lotions are almost ready to release. They are typically brought out in early November just …

Hempz Triple Moisture

Hempz Triples Down!

Hempz is famous for their iconic Hempz Original Moisturizer which has for over a decade been a staple of skin care. Since …

Red Light Therapy

What is Red Light Therapy?

At first glance you might wonder what could come from shining red light on your skin? What could that possibly do for …