What Would Walter White Tan With?

Breaking Bad has won more awards than we can count and has been the talk of water coolers everywhere for every year that it was on television. Now that it’s over you would think that it’s legacy would be reruns or disk sets. Interestingly Heisenberg and Jessie’s plights have inspired products around the country from blue candy to car wash products to now even skin care products.

There is a tanning lotion on the market called “Breaking Bad” by Performance Brands which is a beginner level creamy dark oil and really borrows nothing from the show but the name, also a common phrase in the south according to Breaking Bad show creator Vince Gilligan. You may also notice the blue bottle, a hat tip to Walter White’s famous blue product.

breaking black tanning lotionThe other lotion we found is called “Breaking Black” by Hoss Sauce that is a high end deep bronzing lotion at the top of the Hoss Sauce tanning line as well as their featured new release. This product is garnering a little more attention because it’s not only a hip reference but a 546x Bronzer for experienced tanners.

Both of these lotions are found on websites including Amazon so long as Hank hasn’t shut them down yet and in tanning salons everywhere. Which one you choose will depend on where you are in the tanning process and how dark you want to get.

Have you tried any Breaking Bad inspired products? Let us know below!