Where Do You Shop For Lotion?

There are many places to shop in today’s world and the list is growing. Some people choose to save money by shopping at the big box store while others look for the one on one of a local high end department store where someone will take you through each product. The same is true online. You may choose to shop at Amazon where thousands of sellers as well as Amazon offer everything under the sun or you may choose a specialized website that has in depth knowledge about specific products.

Personally I like the last choice, a website that specializes in the lotions that I am looking for. There are a few great sites out there that have information on lots of brands and specific products as well as a helpful blog. Think of it like going to Whole Foods for your organic foods rather than a big box. The big box is going to sell you whatever you already want but a specialized store will help you figure out what you want based on your situation.

The great thing about shopping online is that you can find specialized stores that also offer great prices unlike a small store which will have a high overhead. It’s the best of both worlds if you think about it.

So where do you shop for lotion?