Why Use Tanning Goggles?

Tanning Eyewear is the most important consideration when using a tanning bed. You must protect your eyes. All too often people assume they don’t need to wear their goggles but this is not something you can skimp on.

Tanning without goggles can cause permanent damage including blurred vision, night blindness, color blindness and eventually cataracts. Eyelids are not thick enough to protect your eyes from direct UV light. Most sunglasses don’t have enough protection and leave a large tan line. A towel or something similar may not be strong enough either. The best, the only option is to use a good pair of approved tanning eyewear.

There are several types of tanning eyewear or goggles that you can choose from disposable stick-ons to individual eye covers to designer goggles. Why tan boring? A full spectrum of fabulous goggles are available that will avoid the raccoon look while also providing maximum protection for your eyes. You only have one pair of eyes, take care of them!

Tanning Goggles

Whether you prefer Super Sunnies, Sunnies EVO, Podz or disposable eyewear like Wink-Ease just make sure you wear an approved tanning goggle when you tan and protect those eyes!

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