Why Use Tanning Lotions

Have you ever wondered what a tingle lotion is? How about a bronzer? How and when should you apply your lotion? Here is a great how-to video on tanning and tanning lotions by MasterTannning.com

In this video tutorial you will learn what tanning lotions is and why to use it. Also you will learn which lotion to start with and when not to use a bronzer lotion. After that you will find out what a tingle lotion is, when to use one and what to do after you tan. Following these simple tips will help boost your tan and your tanning experience. Choosing the right lotions can make a huge difference but with so many to choose from it can also be daunting.

Below you will find a link to the top 5 tanning lotions.

Pictured In This Video: Designer Skin Queen Majestic 16 Bronzer. Bee royal, bee luscious, bee beautifully bronzed. Treat yourself like a queen – a majestically bronzed queen – and give your skin the royal treatment it deserves. Queen™ Majestic 16 (XVI) Bronzing Blend delivers exquisite, deep, dark color while this oh-so-special Royal Bee Jelly formula provides sumptuous nourishment, leaving skin soothed and richly hydrated. Beautiful, luxurious color to behold. All Hail the Queen!

Now that you know what each product is and how to use them you just have to decide on a great product to try. We have also compiled a list of the top 5 tanning lotions for 2012.

For More Information On Tanning and the need for Sunshine. Check out We Are Sunshine!

What is your favorite tanning lotion? Let us know below!

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