Top 5 Christmas Gifts

We have compiled a collection of really cool Christmas gifts this year and had them voted on by readers. Shopping online is fun and  rewarding, not to mention less tiring. We have selected some cool gifts from various retailers and with your votes; here are the results!

1.) The Highest rated Christmas Gift weighted heavily by parents apparently is the Pink Guitar for beginners. Ages 7 to adult, this 3/4 size or 38″ pink guitar is sure to inspire the next generation of Taylor Swifts. High gloss finish and quality sound plus a totally affordable price just in case the fever doesn’t take hold. Imagine the excited face once that gift is unwrapped.

2.) The next highest rated gift this season is the Hempz Treats collection of moisturizers and lip gloss. Hempz Treats have been around for a couple years but they surprise fans every season with a new set of 4 flavors. The winter flavors will liven the holiday spirit for anyone you give them too. This is a unique gift that nobody else will think of. From Triple Berry Swirl to Vanilla Eggnog, there is something amazing for everyone.

3.) Exotic Holiday Body Butters are a new item this year from Skincare By Hoss which comes in 4 unique flavors. Sugar Cookies Exotic Body Butter was the most popular but it also comes in Cherry Vanilla, Coconut Strawberry and Original Tropical. You can’t go wrong with a rich body whip that lasts for months after the Christmas tree comes down. Somebody will thank you many times over. Besides, you can always drop one in your own stocking while spreading the love. How did Santa know you wanted one of those?

4.) Body Drench Treats Moisturizers ranked 4th with some amazingly rich versions of their most popular original moisturizer. Body Drench Crushed Pomegranate, Juicy Mango and even Bamboo & Green Tea join the  collection for the holidays. These make wonderful office gifts or gifts for someone special. Everyone loves Body Drench moisturizers so you can’t go wrong with this unique collection.

5.) Rounding out the top 5 is the Custom Moisturizer! This is a cool gift that allows you to have someone’s name put right on the label in a way that looks totally professional and not added on after the fact. It looks like it came from the factory this way and it’s very nice lotion. Check out this collection here.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts
Top 5 Christmas Gifts

Remember to shop early so there is no chance of missing shipping deadlines. Christmas comes on Wednesday this year so you will have a few extra shipping days.

Merry Christmas!